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A good, strong roof does so much for your home. Not only does it provide shelter and keep all of your loved ones safe, it can also be the final aesthetic touch to tie your whole property together. But what do you do if disaster strikes? What if a tree falls on your house or a storm causes it to start leaking?

Fortunately, for Auburn emergency roofing repair, there’s 888.ROOF.911A division of America 1st Roofing & Builders Inc.888.ROOF.911 has been serving residents across Snohomish, King & Pierce Counties for over 35 years. We have installed over 135,000 roofs on a range of properties, always following federal and state safety standards. And as the largest residential roofing company in the Pacific Northwest, you know we have the tools, resources, and technology your home needs. Call our Auburn roofing company today, and discover why customers trust 888.ROOF.911.

For the company where the name and phone number are the same, call 888.ROOF.911 today.

Why Hire 888.ROOF.911 ?

At 888.ROOF.911, all of our Auburn roofers are skilled and experienced. To join our team as a roofing technician, you must go through rigorous training and education, in order to meet our high standards for excellence on every job. We use advanced, industry-leading methods, to ensure our customers receive nothing less than the best. We also buy in bulk, allowing us to deliver high-quality materials at low, low prices. And because we stay up-to-date on all the latest building codes, manufacturer guidelines, and municipal requirements, you can rest assured that every roofing project we perform is completed safely, ethically, and efficiently. For an Auburn roofing team that works by the book while still striving to exceed expectations, call 888.ROOF.911 today.

  • When you hire our Auburn roofing company, you get:
  • The best materials on the market
  • The latest techniques and technology
  • Exceptional warranties
  • The Pacific Northwest’s largest team of residential roofing experts

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