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If a storm caused major damage to your roof, call 888.ROOF.911, a division of America 1st Roofing & Builders Inc. Our team of Bellevue storm damage roof repair experts are highly experienced, capable, and knowledgeable, with thorough training and a reputation for quality and customer service. We offer effective solutions for our clients backed by our quality assurances. If a storm causes damage to your roof, give us a call immediately. We are available to serve you with emergency roof repair services in Bellevue.

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Assessing Roof Damage After A Storm

Longtime residents of Snohomish County know the power of hail, severe rain, and strong winds. All of these weather and storm elements can serve to inflict major damage on your residential roof, no matter what roofing system you have in place. In some cases, such as when a tree or other debris fall onto your roof, you may even need to address the resulting structural damage.

Our Bellevue roof repair experts can assess the damage to your roof after a storm and provide advice for repairs, along with a free price estimate.

What Does Roof Damage Look Like?

  • Some Signs That Your Roof May Need Professional Attention Due To Storm
    Damage Include:
  • Shingles that have been knocked loose.
  • Missing pieces of metal fascia.
  • Debris including tree limbs on your roof.
  • Leaks in your roof/ceiling.
  • Dents in the flashing, vents, and/or gutters.
  • Damage to asphalt shingles.
  • Broken concrete or tile shingles.
  • Granules found collected in your downspouts/gutters.

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Our Snohomish County storm damage roof repair experts have installed more than 135,000 roofs. With over three decades of experience, you can rely on us for trustworthy, reliable, roof repairs. You can also learn more about the kinds of buildings we service or the unique advantages of hiring our industry-leading roofing team.

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