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The roof over your head is the single most important protection your home has against nature and the extremes it can bring. When storms roll in bringing rain, wind, or snow, even small problems with your roof area pretty big concern. If you’ve got a roofing emergency on your hands or it’s just time for a new roof, 888.ROOF.911 can come to perform the roof work you need to keep your home in Lynnwood, Alderwood, or Brier safe and protected.

We’re a division of America 1st Roofing & Builders, Inc. and we understand the need for a fast and effective solution when you have a roofing problem. After more than 135,000 roofing jobs, our name is the one that has become synonymous with exceptional-quality roofing repairs, replacements, and service that is done right. When you’re able to relax with the peace of mind of knowing your roof will keep you protected, we know we’ve achieved success.

From small issues like minor leaks or shingle cracks to serious problems like excessive granule loss, storm damage, and more, 888.ROOF.911 is the name Lynnwood turns to for urgent roof repairs.

Our team is made of full-time, permanent employees focused on getting emergency roof repairs and shingle replacement services done on time and on budget. All of our technicians are skilled, equipped with modern tools, and given an ongoing education in safety for everyone’s protection.

We always use products and materials from premium manufacturers because we know you demand a roof that looks great and will last. When a serious roofing problem threatens your home, you can count on our Lynnwood emergency
roofers for serious solutions.

Looking for a quality roofer to handle your emergency?
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Call 888.ROOF.911 at (888) 766-3911 today.

Serving Lynnwood and Vicinity When You Need Us Most

One of the most frustrating parts of roof damage is the fact that issues that aren’t always evident right away and can get so much worse the next time there is wind or precipitation. Here in the Pacific Northwest where rain, snow, and marine weather are all extremely common, your roof has to be at its best every single day.

Before you know it, that small problem you just discovered can grow into a catastrophic emergency. At 888.ROOF.911, we understand how critical it is to get your roof fixed right away. That’s why we have extensive resources for the right materials and experienced teams for quality repairs.

  • We help with all types of emergency roofing problems, including:
  • Emergency roof tarping
  • Roof replacement
  • Leak detection & mitigation
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Income property roofing

It’s our mission to provide you efficient, affordable help when you discover a roofing problem at your home near the college, the mall, or in North Lynnwood.

Multifamily Roofing Contractors Near Lynnwood

888.ROOF.911 is also proud to offer services for rental properties and multifamily living complexes, including condos, apartments, townhomes, and more. We are happy to help with a single building or an entire community.

It’s possible that a roofing problem above one unit could impact those in every other unit under the same roof, so we make it a point to deliver the same rapid response, outstanding customer service, and experienced roofing solutions that we’ve become known for with single-family residential customers.

Have a roof emergency near Lynnwood? We’ve got you covered! Contact 888.ROOF.911 today.

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