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Are you seeing a lot of shingle-colored sand at the end of your downspouts? Have animals worn tracks across the top of your roof? Are there chips of shingles in your gutter or yard? These are just a few of the distressing issues property managers and homeowners experience on a regular basis, especially with the wet and windy Shoreline weather. When your roof requires repair or complete replacement, you need a team with years of experience and dedication to quality work.

888.ROOF.911 is that roofing company. As a division of America 1st Roofing & Builders Inc., we are highly trained, well-established, and equipped with the proper tools and skills needed to deliver quality work for all our clients.

As emergency roofers, we are always on call.
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Why Us?

You’ll experience a wide range of benefits when you hire 888.ROOF.911. We have served property owners throughout Shoreline and beyond since 1986, installing more than 135,000 roofs in the process. With that experience comes a reputation for delivering the right roof for the right price. Because we understand you need a roof over your head as soon as possible, we apply a sense of efficiency and responsibility for every single new roof.

We train our crew members in-house on a regular basis. The result is a specialized, dedicated professional that not only stays up to date on current safety standards but also treats you, your family or tenants, and your property with respect.

Providing Roofing Replacement You May Need

As roofing experts, we offer a broad range of solutions, from tiny houses to multifamily complexes. No matter the extent of the job, we work with both efficiency and close attention to detail.

  • You can have confidence in choosing 888.ROOF.911.
  • Leak repair. Leaks are caused by a wide variety of problems, from damaged shingles to poorly installed skylights. We will address both the leak and the root of the problem.
  • Storm damage. Damage from rain, wind, or friction may not be immediately apparent. A new roof will give you peace of mind and relief from issues that could lead to major damage in the future, such as cracked vents or missing flashing.
  • Roof replacement. After years of patient service or one catastrophic event, your Shoreline home may need re-roofing services because the damage is too severe. We will do this as efficiently as possible without taking shortcuts.

Don’t Wait for a Small Leak to Become a Big Problem. Get in Touch Today.

We dedicate ourselves to providing Shoreline property owners with high-quality roofs from Richmond Beach to Ballinger and The Highlands. We will provide safe options for your busy lifestyle and work hard to get you the best roof at the best price.

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